Jeff Coller, PhD.

Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of RNA Biology and Therapeuticss

Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics (Johns Hopkins Medical Institute)


Department of Biology (Krieger School of Arts and Sciences)


Institute for Nanobiotechnology (School of Engineering)

Current Lab Members

Sophie Martin, PhD - Research Associate / Lab Manager contact

Lana Christensen - BCMB PhD student contact

Bahareh Torkzaban, PhD - Postdoc contact

Ryan Kawalerski, MD/PhD student contact

Austin Sponaugle, Undergraduate Researcher contact

Suhee Chang, PhD - Postdoc contact

Zach Mandell, PhD - Postdoc contact

Michael Prieto - Undergraduate Researcher contact

Former Members

Najwa Alhusaini

Shannon Bailey

Dr. Ying-Hsin Chen

Dr. Megan Forrest

Dr. Sarah Geisler

William Hannon

Gavin Hanson

Dr. Wenqian Hu

Carrie Kovalak

Lisa Lojek

Ashanti Matlock

Dr. Christine Petzold

Dr. Otis Pinkard

Dr. Vlad Presnyak

Dr. Thomas Sweet

Dr. Trinh Tat